Steel Building Customization: Can I Customize My Steel Building?

Can I Customize My Steel Building?

When looking for an affordable and long-lasting structure for your residential or business use, one of your concerns might be ‘Can I Customize my steel building’?
The good news is yes, the sky is limit in case of customization options and methods.

You can use a variety of componentscolors and features to adapt your steel building.

Some of the options you can utilize to meet your requirements are:

You can use a variety of components, colors and features to adapt your steel building.
Some of the options you can utilize to meet your requirements are:

Interior & Exterior Facades & Wainscoting

A great way to improve the building’s overall aesthetic appearance is adding interior or exterior facades or wainscoting. It can be especially beneficial if you are operating a commercial enterprise. You can use a variety of interior and exterior facades from brick, stone and stucco veneers to custom architectural panels to differentiate your building from the rest and enhance its curb appeal. Wainscoting can also add an additional level of elegance and decorative flair to your metal building.

Windows & Skylights

You can design your prefabricated steel building with custom windows and skylights to allow natural sunlight and warmth inside. From simple square or rectangular windows to more intricate, eye-catching shapes and designs, windows can give your metal building an airy, distinctive look and feel. Whereas you can lower your energy bills adding skylights to your steel building, as they reduce glare and energy consumption.

LED Lights

One more way to lower your energy bills is adding LED lights to your steel building. LED bulbs are more energy efficient than standard models and they don’t require frequent changing. Using LED lights is a cost-effective way to illuminate your space, especially if your metal building has high, hard-to-access ceilings where you wish to install overhead lighting.

Adding different types of doors (such as garage doors, steel walk doors, glass storefront doors, roll-up doors and other) to your steel building can help you meet your specific needs in functionality and also aesthetic requirements. 

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in an area where temperatures are comfortable and consistent throughout the year, you may need to consider adding insulation to your metal building. Besides making it suitable for year-round use, insulation can significantly reduce your energy bills. It also helps lower noise and otherwise makes using the building more comfortable, regardless of weather patterns. We offer Insulation in a wide range of R-values so you can choose what fits your needs.
You can maximize energy efficiency even more using solar panels and other elements.

Whether you’re looking to improve aesthetics, boost functionality, improve energy efficiency or otherwise accommodate your specific needs, KBP Construction Plus is ready to help you. If you can deam it we can do it!  Contact Us!

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