5 Tips for Successful Floor Replacement

1.  If you finally made a decision about what kind of flooring you want, your first step is to remove all the old shoe molding you have.


2.  If you have a carpeted floor you do not need to remove the baseboards. Just take down the old carpet and the carpet padding.


3.  Hate hearing that creaking sound your old floor makes? Then you need to make sure your subflooring or slab floor is still in good shape.

Also, your subflooring might have some loose/missing nails or your slab floor might have cracks, which can be also a part of the noise problem.


4.  If some of the nails popped off – you need to take down all of them, such as used floor staples or regular framing nails.


5.  If there are cracks in your slab floor – you need to make sure that all the cracks are clean before you get them filled. Remove all dust from cracks and after that use ½ foam strips and clear silicone over the top.

Your new floor should not give you any problems if you carefully prepare and follow all the steps correctly. 


Good luck and please contact us if you have any questions or need help!