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Top-Quality Doors for your Steel Building

Considering that doors are potentially the only moving part of your steel building, it is very important to pick the best quality nice doors that offer durability, climate tightness, and ease of operation. We are ready to help you to select the doors to meet your needs and expectations.

We can customize your Steel Building with Overhead Doors, Garage Doors, Sectional Doors, Roll Up Doors, Mini Storage Doors, Glass Storefront Doors, Glass Entry Doors, Steel Walk Doors. Also, learn more about European Windows and French Doors

Overhead Doors

Overhead Doors

Looking for a heavy duty commercial door or a simple garage door for your residence? We provide your Steel Building with a Frame Opening for a variety of Commercial Overhead Door options. 

Overhead Doors are available in various to fit your requirements. You can order them with insulated or non-insulated options. You can also customize your doors with glass lites, track options, and weather stripping.

View Overhead Door Lift Types

A Standard Lift is the most universal option. It is used in standard garage door applications. Typically, Standard Headroom is measured at anywhere between 15” – 36” of room located above the door opening up to the ceiling

Overhead Door - Standard Lift

Standard Lift

The Follow the Roof Pitch option is often used on steel buildings that have a 3:12 roof pitch or higher. Modifications to the standard lift track design have been made to follow the roof pitch line to provide additional clearance room.


Overhead Door - Standard Follow Roof Pitch Lift


Follow Pitch Lift

A Low Headroom Lift is a perfect choice when you have less than the standard amount of headroom. If your ceiling height is less than 15” above the door opening you will need a lower door lift that is made to accommodate the track. You can also use this type of lifts when you need a door to be almost the same height as the building.

Overhed Door -Low Head Room Lift

Low Head Room Lift

A High Door Lift is recommended when the ceiling height is greater than 36” above the door opening. The High Lift allows an additional clearance under the track.

Overhead Door - High Lift

High Lift

Steel Walk Doors

Steel Walk Doors

We provide Steel Walk Doors, Man Doors and Entry Doors, available in different sizes to fit all types of steel buildings.

All of the hardware are already installed to our Pre-assembled Steel Door System. Glass lite kits, lever locks, deadbolts, keyless entry locks, panic exit devices and closures are also available as a customization option to accommodate your specific requirements for steel building doors.

Glass Storefront Doors

Glass Storefront Doors

Glass Storefront Doors are completely pre-assembled and you will get them pre-hung in the frame, ready for easy installation.
Our glass doors are available as a (3070) single door unit, 3’ wide x 7’ tall, and as a (6070) double door unit, 6’ wide x 7’ tall.

We provide two different door frame options. The first one is a standard clear anodized (silver), and the second option is a bronze anodized (dark brown) color.
Single pane and double pane insulated tempered glass options are available.
We can also customize your glass door with sidelites, transoms, panic exit devices, bottom rails, and other hardware options.

Roll Up Doors

Roll Up Doors

Commercial Roll Up Doors are typically used for the self-storage. Roll Up Doors function is similar to overhead doors, but they come with a roll coil at the top of the door. This unique design eliminates the need for an overhead door track and maximize the usable space in each storage units.

We offer Roll Up self-storage doors in a wide range of widths and heights to fit your metal storage size.

We also can provide you with our certified wind load doors if your self-storage facility is located in a high wind area. These wind-rated roll up doors are heavier gauge and can be fabricated to accommodate your specific wind load requirements.

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