Steel Building Kits

We provide a variety of Steel Building Kits of all types and sizes. You can choose from one of the most common Metal Building Kits or request a size you want. We can also customize your Steel Building with any components and accessories, depending on your needs.

All of our Steel Building Kits are produced in the USA and are made from the highest quality materials. With KBP Construction Plus, you can be certain that you are receiving the best prices on prefabricated metal buildings and investing in a cost-effective solution for any building project.

24×24 Steel Building Kit

Usually, Steel Buildings of this size are used by commercial and private owners as an oversized single-car garage, equipment storage, or hay storage. Such buildings are often built on farm or ranch as they are flexible options for owners.

We offer several different pre-fabricated Metal Building options for businesses and consumers.

30×40 Steel Building Kit

Steel Buildings of this size are usually used as a two car garage, equipment storage unit, workshop, or metal barn.

We can customize your steel building to match your requirements. Doors, Windows, Siding, etc. are the most common components used for customizing 30×40 Metal Building.

40×60 Steel Building Kit

A 40×60 Steel Building gives you 2,400 square ft of space, which is perfect for a shop building, large detached garage, equipment storage or retail store.

We provide several different building types and accessory options for 40×60 steel building kits, as the options and requirements may vary, depending on the purpose you are going to use your steel building.

60×80 Steel Building Kit

Metal Buildings of this size are typically used for commercial and industrial purposes as equestrian barns, airplane hangars, workshops, or commercial offices.

The most common components for a 60×80 Metal Building are:
Insulation System
Doors including Overhead, Glass Doors and Steel Walk doors
• Windows and Skylights
• Solar Panels
• Exhaust Fans and Ventilation

50×100 Steel Building Kit

5,000 sq ft of space in a 50×100 Steel Building is perfect for a commercial office building, industrial shop, warehouse or auto body shop.

Depending on your specific needs and the purpose of your Steel Building, you may need to add different types of Doors, Windows, Wall & Roof Panels and Insulation Systems.

80×100 Steel Building Kit

80×100 Steel Building is often used as an aircraft hangar, warehouse, commercial office, or equestrian building.

Here are some questions that will help you determine your price point:
• What are you going to use your steel building for?
• Will it be a commercial or private property?
• Where will your steel building be geographically located?
• What kind of items are going to occupy your steel building?
• How many entrances do you need?
• Do you need skylights or windows?

100×100 Steel Building Kit

These large Metal Buildings are usually used as aircraft hangars, warehouses, commercial offices, industrial or equestrian buildings

Depending on the steel building’s purpose, location, commercial or private usage, types of items that will occupy the building, and other requirements, we can assist you with adding the necessary features and components to your Steel Building.

100×200 Steel Building Kit

Steel Buildings of this size are often used as equestrian riding arenas, aircraft hangars, churches or large wedding venues.

The large open space is ideal for a wide range of uses.
If you need a large commercial office we can add interior columns and acoustic. If you need a large body shop we can divide the space into shop bays. 

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Cost Considerations

First of all, it’s important to understand what you’re going to use the building for. The steel building features may vary, depending on your particular requirements.
The exterior design will also vary, depending on the purpose of your steel building. For example, a traditional wall finish may be enough for a garage or storage unit but if you build a shopping mall or retail storefront you may additionally need siding, trim, stucco or some other components and accessories to improve the appearance and attract more clients.

When you have a clear picture of its purpose, you can start by specifying the amount of square feet needed and then create a list of components and features that you would like to include in your steel building.

How many garage doors do you need? Do you need high clearance for a large RV or aircraft? Do you need some other types of exits in your steel building?
Make a list of the most important components for you, such as doors, windows, framing & roofing style, etc.

Next, it’s essential to keep in mind geographical location. The metal construction might require thicker materials and/or heavier support if the area experiences extreme weather conditions such as heavy snow or strong winds. One more important thing to consider is insulation. You may need to add some of the insulation systems, depending on the weather condition and the purpose of your metal building.

Certain components and features are essential for your steel building’s functionality. But you can still modify, change or remove some of them to stay within your budget.
And we can assist you in it to create the Steel Building of your dream.

The materials are subject to many factors that may affect the price on daily basis when working with a commodity like steel. The availability of the steel building material itself, tariffs issued by the government, the amount of supply, and other surcharges may be applied.
Also, keep in mind when dealing with a steel building manufacturer that the actual price is usually given in a price per square foot.

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