Steel Building Features & Colors

40 Year limited Paint Warranty

Ready to choose the perfect color for your Steel Building? We have a wide range of color options to make your Steel Building beautiful and unique. You can choose your color not only for the walls and roof but also for trims and even for the exterior screws.

All of our colors come with a written 25- to 40-year paint warranty. Your Steel Building will retain its exceptional color and elegance with long-lasting paint!

* Note – Actual colors may vary based on screen and monitor resolution / settings.  Color charts and / or metal color chips are available and should be reviewed before choosing final building colors.

Standard Steel Building Features

• Engineered Certified Permit / Erection Drawings
• Engineered Certified Anchor Bolt Plans (for cold formed steel buildings) and Letter of Certification
• Solid I-Beam Built-Up Main Frame Construction
• 50 to 55 KSI High-Strength Plate Steel
• Submerged Arc-Welded Frames
• A-325 High-Strength Bolts at Primary Framing
• Factory Primed Girts, Purlins and Frames
• Pre-Punched Framing Members
• G90 Galvanized Gable Sheeting Angle
• 26 & 24 Gauge High Rib Sheeting w/Purlin Bearing Leg
• 80 KSI, AZ55 Galvalume Sheeting
• 80 KSI, Colored Sheeting
• 26 & 24 Gauge Eave and Gable Trim
• Pre-Marked Parts
• Factory Limited Warranty Direct to Customer
• Supplier Warranty Pass-Through to Customer When Applicable Per Terms & Conditions
• Mastic Sealant on Roof
• Long-life Self-Drilling Screws w/ Pre-Assembled EPDM Washers
• Eave Closures, Base Closures and Endwall Gaskets

Additional Features

• Base Trim Standard on All Buildings
• Full Wrap Trim on Doors, Windows, Gables, Eaves, and Corners• Siphon Groove Sheeting with Hi-Rib Panels to Disperse Water to Prevent Soggy Insulation & Rusty Fasteners
• Double-Sided Flange Bracing on Frameswith extra bolts
• Extra Rugged Main Frame Haunch for High Winds and Seismic Loads
• Base Sheeting Notch
• Colored Base Trim
• G90 Galvanized 16 gauge Base Angle
• Extended Die-Formed Corrugated Ridge Cap up to 4:12 Roof Pitch
• Girt & Purlin Overlap with Bypass Application
• G90 Galvanized Purlin Bridging & Girt Sag Angle
• Professional Engineered and Manufactured to Meet or Exceed Local Building Codes 
• Delivery to Site

*Due to ongoing product improvements and material specifications, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

What Is Included When I Buy a Prefabricated Metal Building?

While you have almost infinite options to customize your Metal Garage, Storage, Barndominium, etc., there are many important features that come standard with every of our Steel Buildings.

Let’s see what is included when you buy our pre-manufactured metal building?

Let’s see what is included when you buy our pre-manufactured metal building?

First of all, your purchase includes a structure comprised exclusively from 50 to 55 KSI high-strength plate steel. All of our Steel Buildings feature solid I-beam built-up main frame construction and submerged arc-welded frames. The primary framing of the building is held together by A-325 high-strength bolts. You also get top-quality fundamentals, which maximize strength and durability.

Your pre-fabricated steel building also includes factory-primed girts, purlins and frames, pre-punched framing members and mastic sealant on its roof, which helps prevent leaks. You also have G90 galvanized gable sheeting angles that serve as additional standard features. Every of our pre-engineered Steel Buildings includes:

Our Steel Buildings come with engineer-certified permit and erection drawings as well as engineer-certified anchor bolt plans (for cold-formed steel buildings) and a letter of certification.

Your Steel Building Kit will be delivered pre-punched, pre-cut, pre-welded and pre-marked for easy-to-understand erection for DIY constructors. We provide construction videos, a construction package specific to your building and instruction manuals. Although we realize that the construction process is not for everyone so we can help with it as well.

While these are the main features that come standard with every our Metal Building Kit, there is a variety of other elements you can add to meet your specific requirements.
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