Important Things You Should Know About Insulation

Purchasing or erecting a new building is a big deal. And we understand how important it is for you. That’s why we try to help you make the right decision to keep your barndominium, shop, garage or whatever have you clean, safe and long-lasting.

When you are done designing an exterior and interior of your building, your next step is insulation, which is one of the most important decisions. And here’s why:


1. You don’t want to be constantly sweating or shivering in your own building
2. You want to keep your building for many years
3. You want to reduce your power bill costs


There are different types of insulation systems but the most common are:

Spray Foam Insulation

Lots of people use this type of insulation nowadays. Relatively easy to install, it offers great noise reduction and temperature regulation efficiency.

Roll Up or Blanket Insulation

This type of insulation is not much different from spray foam, but it offers roughly 10-15% less noise reduction and temperature regulation than spray foam.

However! There is one major difference between the two.

Once you have finished erecting your building it starts sweating. Yes, that’s right – sweating, due to a lot of condensation. That’s completely normal for every steel or wood frame building. But with roll-up or blanket insulation you will not see any water dripping, because it absorbs all that moisture. Whereas spray foam insulation does not do that. And where does all that condensate go? It stays there and kills your building – with time all the metal components will start to rust from the moisture that is trapped there.

So decision is yours. But if you are choosing between Spray Foam or Blanket Insulation we would recommend Blanket with proper R-Value, which will depend on the geographical location and the purpose of your building.


Please contact us with any of your questions, we are happy to help you construct the building of your dreams!